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David J. Van Hattem Bio (Company Founder)

Who we are

I’m David Van Hattem, founding CEO and senior appraiser. We offer a good price for professional quality appraisals. We can do appraisals to assist in purchases, to get the best results for an insurance claim or during a bankruptcy or divorce. We are licensed, credible and highly qualified to appraise a variety of vehicles and other assets. We have:

  • Served as expert witnesses
  • Appraised more than 10,000 vehicles and other assets
  • Have been in the appraisal and vehicle business for more than 30 years
  • We work for you, not the insurance company

David J. Van Hattem has always been a competitive and ambitious athlete and entrepreneur. He was raised in Chicago and went to Bloom High school in the Chicago Heights area. In high school, he played football, golf and was a distance track athlete. He went to college at Ferris University in Michigan where he participated in ROTC and earned his Associate’s Degree in Business. The first business David started was a Propane gas distribution center named Protane Inc. Also, as a young man, Dave was a Pro Am Waterski instructor.

Throughout high school and his early twenties David developed his mechanical inclination and abilities in the Auto Industry, initially as an apprentice Fabricator and later as a journeyman.

Dave relocated to Las Vegas in 1970 where he began working for Community Chevrolet and learned all phases of the business; selling, marketing and finance. In 1975, he began his journey into the world of appraising cars, trucks and boats. All of these experiences in the auto industry contributed to his:

  • Ownership of dealerships of his own
  • Founding of the first auto auction in Las Vegas.
  • Certification as an Appraiser in 1986
  • Appraisal of more than 10,000 vehicles and homes including cars, trucks, boats and manufactured homes.
  • Being hired by lawyers as an expert witness for probate, divorces and conflicts with insurance companies.

In the 1980’s, Dave challenged himself to complete his last two years of college. As an adult student, he achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1986.

David Van Hattem is an upstanding member of the American Legion, the Optimists Club and Toastmasters and completed the Dale Carnegie Course. Being the compassionate person he is, Dave has recently become certified as and Intravention Counselor for Drug and Alcohol Abuse; He travels to the families homes and conducts sessions there.

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